Costa Rica-Photos





Day 1 Arrive in Costa Rica's capital 'San Jose'

May 30,2010 Welcome drink & orientation meeting with the Tour Director.

 Overnight in the Best Western Hotel

Day 2 Costa Rica Landscape of plantations en route to Arenal

Day 2 Costa Rica Landscape of plantations

Day 2 Roadside venders

Day 2 The Zarcero  Catholic church & Park in the Village of Zarcero

Day 2 This park has some outstanding formations

Day 2 The dinosaur

Day 2 Bird

Day 2 The odd formation

Day 2 The Catholic Church

Day 2 Tour director with the school kids

Day 2 Visit a local primary school

Day 2 The kids performed several dances that are unique to Costa Rica

Day 2  The kids sang the Cost Rica's National Anthem

Day 2 The kids also sang the United States National Anthem

Day 2 Good Bye! The visit to the school was a real treat as everyone really enjoyed it

Day 3 One of Costa Rica's volcanoes.

Overnight in Arenal

Day 3 Arenal Volcano

Day 3 Climbing Arenal Volcano

 Day 3 On top of the first summit of Arenal Volcano

Day 3  This is as far as we can go without getting hot feet

Day 3 All of the tour members made it to the top

Day 3 Time for a break after the long climb

Day 3 Hero! I made it to the top over lava rocks

Day 3 Pose time

Day 3 View of the 22 mile long lake form the volcano

Day 3 This lake is used for hydro electric power

Day 3 The lake is also used for boating, sailing & fishing

Day 3 Another volcano

Day 3 Volcano in action

Day 3 Real Costa Rican cowboy

Day 3 Orientation for the Penas Blancas safari boat cruise in Arenal

Day 3 Cruising  down the river in Arenal

Day 3 Stopped to observe some monkeys in the trees above. We learned to be sure and not get directly under the monkey tribe

Day 3 Leaving the Casa Luna Lodge in Arenal. This stop was an unforgettable experience

Day 4 This was our next hotel in Monteverde

Day 4 Tour of a local sugarcane/coffee farm

Day 4 Coffee beans stored for drying

Day 4 Collected in these containers

Day 4 This was the original method to process sugarcane

Day 4 Oxen are used to haul the sugar cane,  coffee beans and people

Day 4 Process for making sugarcane candy

Day 5 Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve tour and the Selvatura Park

Day 5 Costa Rican Humming Bird

Day 5 Humming Birds in action

Day 5 Selvatura Canopy Tour with the instructor giving  orientation directions for the zip line

Day 5 Photo of the tour group that was brave enough to go on the zip line

Day 5 Moving to the first platform for "lift off"

Day 5 This was great fun

Day 5 Crew picture

Day 5 Crew picture

Day 5  Tarzan swing was awesome. You jump off a 60 foot platform and hope the swing rope does not break

Day 5 After the first fall it is a great ride

Day 5 The crew slows you down

Day 5 They use a rubber tube for the  final stop

Day 5 The tour takes place in the rain forest

Day 5  It was raining but we managed to stay dry

Day 5  View of the canopy

Day 6 This was a stop on the way to Tamarindo on the Pacific Coast

Day 6 The Rescue shelter has jungle cats such as jaguars, ocelots, margays, & cougars. Other animals included all three types of monkeys plus other native animals

Day 6  Costa Rican frog

Day 6 The farmers plant a branch from a certain tree and it  takes root and becomes a fence tree

Day 7 The Tamarindo Diria Beach & Golf Resort on the Pacific coast in the town of Tamarindo

Day 7 View of the ocean from the hotel room

Day 7The beach in front of the hotel

Day 7 The beach in front of the hotel

Day 7 The outrigger is a 40 foot canoe equipped with outriggers for stability

Day 7 The outrigger optional tour in the Pacific ocean

Day 7 The outrigger optional tour in the Pacific ocean

Day 7 The outrigger optional tour in the Pacific ocean

Day 7 This tour included a 1 1/2 hour snorkel trip in the ocean

Day 8 After leaving Tamarindo we stopped in Sarchi in route to San Jose

Day 8 Sarchi is a famous artisan town known for its colorful oxcarts & souvenirs

Day 8 The flower garden at Sarchi is outstanding as shown by the photos

Day 8 Another view of the flower garden

Day 8 This bird was injured and unable to fly. It was revived by the folks in Sarchi and remains as a pet

Day 8 In addition to the bird there is a butterfly exhibit in Sarchi

Day 8 One of the tropical plants in Sarchi

Day 8 Park in one of the towns

Day 8 Park in one of the towns

Overnight in San Jose before departing to Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast

Day 9 Pachira Lodge at Tortuguero on the Caribbean Coast

Day 9 Cabin 27 at Pachira Lodge

Day 9 Docks at Pachira Lodge

Day 9 Pool rules at Pachira Lodge

Day 9 Waterfall & pool at Pachira Lodge

Day 9 Monkey in the yard at Pachira Lodge

Day 9 Orientation talk about turtles on the Caribbean beach

Day 10 Insects found in the Costa Rican jungle

Day 10 Insects found in the Costa Rican jungle

Day 10 Insects found in the Costa Rican jungle

Day 10 Loading for a boat tour of the canals through the jungle

Day 10 A real crocodile

Day 10 He plans to wait for our next visit

Day 10 Typical tree filled with jungle animals.

Day 10 This is the jungle, filled with trees, plants and vines

  Day 11 Return to San Jose for overnight before boarding an airplane for home on Day 12

  Day 12  Return home on June 10, 2010 after a great tour of Costa Rica 






























































Arenal Volcano